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WHY? I COULD NOT FIND AN INDIGENOUS THEMED CARD TO SEND TO A FRIEND BEREAVED, so I made my own and some folks asked where I got it? 

Seeing there is a need,  I sat down with an Elder from each peoples, told them what I had in mind and what words I purposed to use.  After that I created this set of 4 - in Anishinaabeg (Ojibwe) and Néhiyaw (Cree).  As you can see below, each one comes packaged with (1) Card, (2) Insert notes so you can write a personal note if you wish, (3) envelope with colour image, (4) a note on why the card smells of cedar, and (5) a note on tobacco 'how and why' use.

I print them using a 10 colour separation on 140 lb Cold Press Watercolour Paper, and then hand paint iridescent paint highlights (thus, every cards is not identical re the iridescent paint effect).  Each card package comes with coloured note inserts, envelope, narrative and tobacco note.  These Cards will, and do, evolve and change.  This is the result of my undertaking TQI (Total Quality Improvement) and PDSA (Plan Do Study Act), which is one of many reasons why I don't outsource printing and production. The goal being you getting the best and most successful art in hand. So you will see changes here over time. 

Also, THEY SMELL! - This card is included with each card to explain & can be sent with card to the bereaved if you wish.

why does card smell

HOW MUCH? 'Cards 4 Bereaved' cost $30.00 Canadian for a Set of 2 minimal order, $15.00 Cdn each additional card, plus shipping.

I  sell 'Cards 4 Bereaved' in minimum sets of 2, you can review the 4 cards below, and choose 2 of them, or buy more of course.

The reason for the 2 mimimum order is to make this project economically feasible, innovative and sustainable, for example, it cost $20.00 Cdn to ship a package to the USA. Most folks buy a set of 4.
Exchange rates vary,  fall of 2022 = $30.00 Cdn = $22.18 USA  | 22.26 EUR | 3125.65 Japanese Yen - JPY

If interested email to: artbuy@brucebarryart.com

Box 2 cards shipped in - also have box for set of 4 if desired.



No that would be incorrect. When someone has lost a person or other being they are wilfully enmeshed with, be it Spouse, Parent, Sibling or Friend they don’t need ‘sympathy’ -- people feeling sad for them, they don’t need ‘feelings of pity’ from others. They need COMPASSION.

In The Essence of the Heart Sutra, His Holiness the Dalai Lama wrote: "According to Buddhism, compassion is an aspiration, a state of mind, wanting others to be free from suffering. It's not passive — it's not empathy alone — but rather an empathetic altruism that actively strives to free others from suffering. Genuine compassion must have both wisdom and loving kindness. That is to say, one must understand the nature of the suffering from which we wish to free others (this is wisdom), and one must experience deep intimacy and empathy with other sentient beings (this is loving kindness)." .

WHY IRIDESCENT PAINT HIGHLIGHTS? Iridescent paint highlights are added to each card by hand, making each unique, so by tilting the card, the visual image is slightly TRANSFORMED where the viewer sees the luminous colours changing, like a Raven or Drake where their feathers sheen when viewed from different angles. It is a visual articulation of the transformation that is death, that is walking on from this life to the next. A way to show compassion.


ojibwe top going Home TOP

Ojibwe Front & Back

Going Home 1

Cree (Néhiyaw) Front & Back

Cree frt

Inside identical for both


with arrow


INSERT NOTE PAGES - Ojibwe & Cree (Néhiyaw)

Insert v2

ENVELOPE - Ojibwe & Cree (Néhiyaw)


 grn line


Hawk Top Ojibwe  Hawk Top Cree

 Hawk 1


Hawk Cree


Hawk Inside


hawk ind paint

Hawk Insert

Hawk Envelope



Click Here for PDF for larger Images of Card

BlueJay Ojb BlueJay Cree









HB Ojb HB Cree