Art Echoes - these are collateral creations that came about while working on the main art installation of 'the Silhouette Project'.

These paintings, sketches and sculptures will form part of the art installation.


kids tub

If you don't read all of this post, read this, we filmed young adults who'd 'aged out of foster care' and asked them 'what worked' and 'what didn't work.' (see Silhouette Project notes on my site brucebarryart dot com) What worked? What in some cases literally saved their lives.? To a one they said 'one on one relationships between these mostly indigenous kids with mostly non-Indigenous government Caseworkers.'
When we were doing the filming one of the girls mentioned in passing about sitting in the tub taking a bath in her "foster care bathing suit" - I stopped her and asked “What?”
She said that they had to wear bathing suits to guard against sexual molestation. I am like what? Magical swimming suits? The Caseworkers there confirmed this did happen.
Two of the other young adults (1 male 1 female) mentioned neither of them had to wear a bathing suit, why was that?
I thought this a bit f_cked up re what it tells kids about bodies much less would likely not stop child molestation
Anyway I did a quick sketch of my artistic response - kinda vagina and penis fear expressed by denial of existence, biology does not equal sexuality.
Part of the Silhouette Project art installation will include off shoot art like this little colour sketch.


"THE 60's SCOOP"

The sixties scoop refers to a practice that occurred in Canada of taking, or "scooping up", Indigenous children from their families and communities for placement in foster homes or adoption. Despite the reference to one decade, the Sixties Scoop began in the late 1950s and persisted into the 1980s." I am also going to add (at the suggestion of a friend), a 'discount bin' for 'special needs Indigenous kids' . . . . why?  If you have ever dealt with 'Child Welfare' directly or via a family member, that will make a lot of sense to you.


half breed