Art Rules, well what I think ought be rules . . . key, it is not 'when did I start creating art', it is 'when and why did you stop?'

· the language of art allows one to express visually what you can't express in words, especially the words of a dominant culture.

· don't set limits on what you think "art” can be.

· life is about choice, each individual eventually can find his or her own path, but the more information you have, the more informed and more healthy and better for your community and yourself are the choices you make.

· art will feed and develop one's mind and soul, because if we don't take care of our body and soul, where else are we going to live?

· the ability to create is a gift, we honour the uniqueness of each individual as we all work to find our own voices.

· it's easy to teach somebody to be like me– it takes courage to teach someone to be themselves.

· we ought have an open mind to what art can be.

· art learning never ends, never, like never . . .  them's the rules.