Art may be the only antidote in this era of post-truth/reality politics, and what a gift of liberation and power it is to create.

Giizhig Aanikanootaagewinini                      (Bruce Barry)

This is my response to the SIXTIES SCOOP (Nov2018)

"The Sixties Scoop refers to a practice that occurred in Canada of taking, or "scooping up", Indigenous children from their families and communities for placement in foster homes or adoption. Despite the reference to one decade, the Sixties Scoop began in the late 1950s and persisted into the 1980s."


Best HalfBreedHalfPrice

(NOTEI have been commissioned to take this colour sketch, size 7 x 9 inches, to a canvas 4 feet across. [Nov2018])

Art Card Sep2418


Bruce arrow

Bird 1 

Bird 2


 This short 30 second film was done as a break in the studio where I have been working on owls.  An owl is a night bird, nocturnal in behaviour and temperament.  The European Settlers brought with them their beliefs that owls were witches - more colonization of Indigenous culture.  

Owls are for us Indigenous people, bringers of prophecy, wisdom and helpfulness.  They are also keepers of secrets, as they fly silent and even the deepest secrets surrender themselves to this night witness. They see much of the real world, the imperfections in humans, yet they remain nonjudgmental creatures these - they are part of the face of Creator present.

Guardian wp2
Sgraffito Technique: 20" x 16" Baltic Birch Wood Panel

[fine art archive quality prints 20″×16″ available]


Working on right eye of Guardian 


bear wp 2

 Sgraffito Technique: 26" X 30" Baltic Birch Wood Panel.  

enhanced picture of forehead of GrandFather Bear Painting

gf fhd 

TEEPEE Paintings are Canvas mounted on wood panel


TP #16



 Owl final

Moose Label

This is a piece I did in Woodland Style - note on this style and how to 'read' a painting done in woodland style can be read by clicking here.  





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