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Guardian wp2


Sgraffito Technique: 20" x 16" Baltic Birch Wood Panel

[fine art archive quality prints 20″×16″ available]


Working on right eye of Guardian 


bear wp 2

Grandfather Label

 Sgraffito Technique: 26" X 30" Baltic Birch Wood Panel.  

enhanced picture of forehead of GrandFather Bear Painting

gf fhd 

TEEPEE Paintings are Canvas mounted on wood panel


TP #16


 Owl final

Moose Label

This is a piece I did in Woodland Style - note on this style and how to 'read' a painting done in woodland style can be read by clicking here.  




 on instagram I send random pictures of work in progress.

Email: info@brucebarryart.com

Only art gives you absolute freedom, it is a visual language, allowing you to say things you can’t in the spoken language, especially the language of a dominant culture – admittedly riding a motorcycle [click for great video re motorcycling - BkgrdComm_pdf (209.9 KB)on ad ] will take you 80% there, but you still are required to follow the ‘rules of the road’ – but doing art can give you complete freedom. 


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